Majestic Stakna

Majestic Stakna Gonpa
Majestic Stakna Gonpa & Glorious Indus River

The Majestic Stakna Gonpa, taken on 04/09/2015

Gear: Canon 7D
Focal Length: 135 mm
F Number: 5.6
Exposure time: 1/8000

Stakna Gonpa or Stakna Monastery is a buddhist monastery located approximately 45 km from Leh [Capital City of Ladakh District], on the bank of rive Indus.The monastery formed part of the one of the many religious estates offered to the great scholar saint of Bhutan called Chosje Jamyang Palkar in about 1580 AD by the Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial who had invited him to Ladakh.

As it is erected on a hill looking like a tiger’s nose, Stanka Monastery derives its name from the same hill. The monastery inside has the image of Arya Avaloketesvara from Kamrup (Assam). The Stakna Gonpa belongs to the Dugpa sect of Buddhism and is the residence of about 30 Monks.

The visitors can have beautiful views of the Indus valley and Indus river from the roof of the Stakna Monastery Ladakh. It also have snow capped peaks and ridges of Zanskar range in the south and uncovered slopes of Ladakh range in the north.


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