“you almost ruined my last exam in college life”

You almost ruined my last exam of my college life“..this was what I wrote on Anwar Alam’s souvenir shirt..after our last exam in college (popularly called Signature Day)..and that was of “Distributed System”.So, what happend the night before, let me elaborate a bit:

Signature Day in MANIT.

It was during the semester exams of final year..and due to some incident in college..the last exam got postponed..and latter it was scheduled after the viva and submissions..and it was supposed to be the last exam in the college life..where whole of the class will be together..for one last time..after second year in college..some great minds of my class like JK, Pak, Vaibhav..started giving tutions to people like me and my comrades..apart from these two..there were secret gurus also..like for Rajiv..after JK classes..he used to go for revision with Mahadik Extra Classes..similarly for me..it was Deepak Jha and Keshav Sharma..

Now, comimng back to the point..that is “my last exam..right??”..I was little worried about “distributed system”..and Anwar told me..he will teach me..so, at around 10 pm..after doing all the important works like..Facebook, Orkut, Mails..I went to his room..but it was locked..I investigated around and came to know about his whereabouts..he was in Sumit Gupta Ji’s room..and he told me..”don’t worry Ringo..once I am done..I’ll teach you A-Z of distributed system”..I said Ok..and waited for him..after some time..he said..lets go and study..and I borrowed pen from Sumit..I thought of making some notes while studying..once we were there…Anwar said..he needs to study some more xerox copy..and and again said “Once I am done with it..I’ll teach you..why don’t you take some rest till then”…and I thought..not a bad idea..and after some time I was sleeping with all the glory as if I am the one..who started this Distributed System..and after some time..I woke up..hearing some niose…and It was not Anwar who was trying to wake me up..but, it was someone who was banging at the door..and It was Sumit Gupta the saviour asking for his pen..luckily I borrowed his pen..though I didn’t write any single word..and he said..”salon abhi tak soo rahe ho…sade ath baj gyee“..You are still sleeping..its already 8:30..and exams starts in half an hour..and I asked anwar..”bhai..kuch definitions to bata de“..atleast tell me..some basic definitions..

Still I managed to reach the exam hall on time..and also..managed to get “B” grade in distributed system..thanks to my earlier stints at JK and Pak Tutorials during Minors.


8 thoughts on ““you almost ruined my last exam in college life”

  1. Dude thats bcoz its our coll…..anywhere else invitation of gret trouble…..we all survived thanks to our coll ………..
    CHEERS to our own………… “MANIT “rather “MACT”…

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