My First DSLR

I always wanted to have a DSLR passion to own a DSLR started during one of the summer vacations in my hometown during my college days..I don’t remember the year exactly, but I clearly remember, it was Sindhu Darshan Time in Ladakh..and my Dad being from Media..was supposed to do the coverage of the whole function along with his team.. That morning I asked Dad “can I join you guys??” .. he noded with a smile, my prior intention was just to get the best view of the cultural show and the VIPs around.. as the media guys are free to move around in the arena and shoot the stuffs..

When we reached the venue “Sindhu Ghat” near Shey.. Dad handed me his tripod and said “Now if you are fromMedia“… in between, before reaching the arena one security personal asked for my ID.. and I said “I am new in the team..and yet to get an ID card” …after that, I reached the cultural show arena and my dad handed over his DSLR to me..and said “Don’t stand idle here…go and click anything you want..” and he got buzy with his video camera… and that was the day my dad introduced me with this beautiful thing called DSLR camera.. and just had a random thought came to my mind.. that one day.. i’ll get a DSLR.. and thats it.. it was 20th March, 2010.. I bought my first DSLR.. Canon 450D.. Thx a lot Amaly & Abaly (Mom & Dad) for sponsoring the 50% share of it:) and Ka Delex (Big Bro)for his support..


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