The scary House.

The date was 14th of march, when me along with four legendary pals had a trip of “The Scary House” in Garuda Mall..Ok, the other four guys were Amit Singh, Bishwajeet, Mohan Mangal and Tarakant Deo (in alphabetical order). After trying really hard (in vain) for getting the Black Tickets for Karthik calling Karthik.. four of them decided to go inside scary house.. I was predetermined to not to go inside and wait for them outside only..

Next moment, I was with queue for the ticket.. The complete trip was sponsored by Bishow and Tara.. We got the tickets.. Now the question was “sabse phelay kaun jayega?” Who will enter first?.. since, no one was willing to go first.. Tara took the first step.. every one pushed him inside and followed him.. Once all of us were inside the House.. entry door was closed.. each one of us were screaming like anything and hiding behind each other.. and for the next 4-5 minutes, we were pushing each other to lead the way.. After sometime, when none of us were ready to take the lead.. I saw one guy coming down from the stairs.. which we were supposed to climb.. either that guys was coming down to throw us out from the entry door..or he was coming to guide us through the house.. I just thought that.. if we were thrown out of the entry door.. then it will be real disgrace and three people (Jhala, Jain and Prem) waiting outside the exit door will make their day out of us.. I decided to just go on.. “Jo hoga dekha jayega..lekin by God p**t gyi thi” .. There were people who work inside the scary house, who were guiding us.. “Daro mat..yahan se agey jao” and finally we were out of that so called “scary house“..

After coming out of it.. Mohan was telling “Andar to kuch tha hi nahi” and in reality he was the one who was scared the most and shouting at top of his unusual heavy voice. Bishow was telling “Ringo bada daring hai” .. but the reality was “If we were thrown out of the entry door..whole of Bangalore (I mean people outside the scary house) would be laughing at us.


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